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We make education and consultancy accessible to people from all over the world. Our mission is to offer learning pathways and consultancy services providing the knowledge and guidance needed to foster meaningful change. 
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Co-learning and partnering

We’ve been co-learning and partnering with change-makers, educators and organisations and indigenous leaders from all over the world to support individuals and communities and organisations to gain what is needed to foster equity and systems change

Weaving a thriving future through education 

We offer courses a number of courses for weaving indigenous and modern knowledge. 

Drive Change

Our professional educators and cutting-edge content will make our learning library your go-to education provider.
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Our vision

We foster systemic change and regenerative practices through learning pathways and consultancy.  

Tiago Paes Vilas Boas, Regenerative Designer, Equitable Facilitator and Weaver. Brazilian from São Paulo, based in the Netherlands

Tiago is a versatile and creative professional, bringing 15 years of experience in communication, design, and strategy to the table. His expertise spans diverse topics such as equity, inclusion, belonging, regeneration, and community weaving, making him a valuable resource for organizations, communities, and change makers.
With a passion for creating positive change, Tiago facilitated a social business education program in Brazil and co-founded Mútua, a consultancy focused on well-being and sustainability. Inspired by the wisdom of indigenous African and Afro-diaspora cultures, he embraces the spirit of Ndanifor, known as Ubuntu in the West, which fosters unity and interconnectedness by recognizing the humanity in others. Additionally, Tiago actively learns from the Yoruba indigenous people and their Ifa divination system, gaining insights into ancient practices that align with universal laws and principles.
Drawing on his global perspective and diverse skillset, Tiago is dedicated to making a positive impact. Through regenerative design, brand strategy, equitable facilitation, and community weaving, he envisions a world where everyone can thrive and belong.
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Tiago Paes Vilas Boas

Our teachers, facilitators and core partners

Collective knowledge and Wisdom

Konkankoh Joshua 

community weaver and facilitator
Developing Collective Consciousness to Create a Thriving World. I guide & orientate founders of community initiatives and organisations in reviewing themselves by adopting non-conflictual approaches relationships.

Puneet Singh Singhal

DEI consultant and facilitator
As a passionate Social Changemaker, my mission is to revolutionize Inclusion, Diversity, Equity, and Accessibility (IDEA) initiatives worldwide. Founder ssstart and DEI Practitioner NASA

Lucas Andrade 

Regenerative Designer  and sustentability consulting
Designer and consultant for sustainability and regeneration with experience in business modelling, strategic planning and service and process design.

Adrian Röbke

I explore the transformative power of collaborative networks, while continuously unlearning harmful, colonial patterns. My expertise lies in systemic strategy, regenerative leadership capacity, and network weaving — all rooted in principles of equity, belonging, and collective liberation.

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